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William H. Dent, Jr.
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William H. Dent, Jr. email
Mr. Dent is a native of Washington, DC. After attending the University of Maryland, where he earned a Bachelor's in history, he served in the Peace Corps in Chile. Upon his return, he did graduate work at the University of Chicago, earning a Master's degree in education and an MBA in finance. With the support of the Ford Foundation, Mr. Dent moved to Brazil to serve as a consultant to BNDES, the National Development Bank of Brazil, where he sensed the need for better business training and assisted Roberto Lima Netto in founding SEBRAE, Brazil's Small Business Administration, today the country's most important 'business school' for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Mr. Dent then served as project manager at the Inter-American Development Bank putting together a number of innovative projects in Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Honduras and Costa Rica, involving investments in excess of $2 billion. During the 1990's, Mr. Dent founded and was CEO of CD-ROM International, pioneering the introduction of U.S. and European bibliographic databases (e.g., Medline) and related IT services at some 200 institutions throughout Brazil. In early 2003, Mr. Dent founded Natural Partners, with the help of Flavio Pinheiro, Adam Tomasek and Ann McClellan, and currently serves as its Executive Director.

Rachel Biderman Furriela
Ms. Furriela earned a Bachelor’s degree in Law and a Master’s degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of São Paulo and also a Master’s degree in International Law from American University and since early 90s she has worked extensively with non-governmental organizations, government agencies, and universities in Brazil. Ms. Furriela has been advisor to the São Paulo State Environment Secretary from 1996 to 1998, member of the Brazilian Delegation to the Sixth Conference on Climate Change in Bonn, Germany, in 2001, coordinator of important seminars in Brazil on environmental topics such as the United Nations-sponsored International Seminar on Sustainable Development in 2002 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and coordinator of the Brazilian Forum on Climate Change from 2001 to 2002. In 1998 she also started working as a private consultant to local law firms, environmental non-governmental organizations, and multilateral agencies.

Ms. Furriela has taught environmental law in several universities, and conducted seminar and training in various government environmental agencies and non-governmental institutions in Brazil. Ms. Furriela has
contributed to the work of important environmental non-governmental organizations in Brazil such as IPSUS, Instituto Socio-Ambiental, and SOS Mata Atlantica, and she is the author of several articles and book chapters on various environmental topics and of the book Democracy, Citizenship and Environmental Protection, published in Portuguese in 2002.

Dirk Kloss email
Mr Kloss grew up in West Germany. After leaving the University of Marburg with a Bachelor's in Geography, Ethnology and Communications, he worked for leading newspapers, radio and TV stations in the USA, Germany and Hong Kong as a correspondent, editor, and news anchor. Simultaneously, he completed graduate studies at the University of Illinois and Hamburg University with a Master's in Economic Geography. In the early 90s Mr Kloss pursued research in Costa Rica on debt-for-nature swaps and other innovative finance mechanisms for the conservation of Latin America's tropical forests, which in 1994 was published as the first German book on this unfolding subject.

Over the following seven years Mr Kloss worked in India, Vietnam, Laos, and China on developing country assistance programmes in environment and rural development for the German government, namely GTZ and KfW (the German Bank for Reconstruction and Development), as well as for an international consulting firm. In 2001 Mr Kloss retired from German development assistance to put some of his own savings where his mouth had been for so many years of work with poor farmers: planting trees for long-term investment, coupled with environmental stabilization and short-term management income. His FSC-certified mixed plantation of sustainably managed, high-end tropical timber in Panama established and growing well, he returned as a Senior Advisor to the world of international conservation finance.

On behalf of The Nature Conservancy and a Conservation Finance Alliance of NGOs, bi- and multilateral donor organisations, Mr Kloss developed training guides on innovative mechanisms, and assisted protected areas worldwide to apply them and become sustainable. He continues to work as an independent advisor to UNDP, the World Bank, and others.

Eugene Massey email
Mr. Massey graduated from Harvard Law School in 1967 and has practiced law with the Washington, DC-based law firm Arent Fox since 1972. Mr. Massey specializes in international energy transactions, with concentration in the commercial and operational aspects of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) trade. He has represented various parties in LNG sales and transportation agreements and has negotiated, drafted and reviewed a wide range of legal documents relating to the constitution and financing of major LNG projects. He has been a frequent speaker at international gas conferences and written several articles for journals with international circulation.

Prior to joining Arent Fox, he spent five years as a lawyer for the U.S. Department of State in the Office of the Legal Adviser, working initially on European political and military affairs and then handling the legislative and contract aspects of the U.S. Foreign Assistance Program, including agricultural sales and military sales under the Foreign Military Sales Program. For the next two years he was counsel for the State Department office responsible for international maritime matters. In this capacity he acted as the U.S. representative to the Legal Committee of what is now known as International Maritime Organization (IMO), a specialized U.N. agency and represented the U.S. at international conferences considering pollution, multimodal transport and codes of conduct.

Mr. Massey has continued his maritime-related practice at Arent Fox, representing U.S. and foreign clients relating to pollution, pilotage, vessel safety and hazardous cargo. He is a member of the Maritime Law Association and has been active in its Hazardous and Noxious Substances Committee with respect to issues affecting the transportation of LNG. Mr. Massey served for 15 years as a member of the editorial board of The Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce.

In addition to his maritime and energy practice, Mr. Massey has been actively engaged in international commercial transactions, including international sales, investment and joint venture transactions and has experience in international litigation and arbitration.

Mr. Massey has been active in many community organizations. He was a member of the Board of The Stone Ridge School from 1989 to 1998, serving as chairman from 1993 to 1998. He has been active in the Washington D. C Rotary club where her has served as Secretary of the club and on the Board of Directors. He has headed up the club's international service programs and remains active in the club's World Service Committee. He also serves on the board of Playing for Peace, a private initiative to use basketball as a means of conflict resolution in Northern Ireland and South Africa

Chris Parel email
Mr. Parel is a native of Arlington, Virginia. He earned a BA at Amherst College and an MA in Economics from Harvard. He was awarded a Ford Foundation fellowship to work on project analysis at BNDES, Brazil's national development bank. He subsequently worked in Brazil for McKinsey & Co. Management
Consultants and for the Jari and Tucurui Projects in the Amazon region. He then moved to the Philippines with FMC Corporation's agricultural chemicals division as Business Planning Manager for the Asia operations.

Mr. Parel returned to the Washington area to work at the World Bank where he has served for over 20 years. He entered the Bank as an Investment Officer with the International Finance Corporation and then moved to the IBRD where he worked in Planning and Budgeting and the Venezula and Brazil country operations as Country Officer. At the moment, Mr. Parel is a Public Sector Management Specialist task managing a number of projects primarily in Brazil.

Flavio C. Pinheiro email
Mr. Pinheiro is a resident of São Paulo, Brazil. He earned a BS in Molecular Sciences from the University of São Paulo, then a Master's degree in Urban and Environmental Policy from Tufts University, writing his Master's thesis on corporate voluntary initiatives and environmental reporting, with a focus on the principles of the Business Charter for Sustainable Development of the International Chamber of Commerce.

From May 2000 to October 2001, Mr. Pinheiro worked for the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) in Washington DC and Boston on international and regional projects for mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. Now based in Sao Paulo, he continues to work for the U.S. EPA as a subcontractor to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in São Paulo, serving as coordinator of the Integrated Environmental Strategies project for the São Paulo Metropolitan Region, which evaluates technology and policy options for mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution for this major metropolitan area. Since 2002, Mr. Pinheiro has assisted William Dent, Jr. with preparations to found Natural Partners and to start its operations in Brazil. He now serves as the organization's Representative in Brazil.